May 26, 2015


So it has rained 19 out of 25 days here in Dallas this month.. The lake are full and some places are flooding and we haven't even seen the worst of it. Houston and Austin/Wimberly area have been hit really hard. Nothing is dry and while we are very thankful to not be flooding as bad here in Dallas we are ready to dry out. Cabin fever sets in and our bodies are craving the sun!

Sadly we had to cancel a Memorial Day party we had planned because of the rain.
Most of our weekend was spent indoors or for a few minutes out if it wasn't raining. We did spend some time on the front patio because it is covered and we just watched the rain. There is only so much Handy Manny etc a mom can handle!

May 21, 2015

Insta Life

It has been a LONG time since I updated this blog. Truth be told I got very busy at work with an awesome promotion and very busy with life at home, all good, but I was uninspired to write on the blog. I just couldn't get into it.
Lately though I have been getting the itch to write again... I am sure I will never be a BIG blogger like I had aspirations of in the beginning but I do hope to update it more often and use my REAL camera more.
For now, here is the little update on life since my last post. Through my filtered Instagram pictures...

Some of our good friends had a baby. Charlie was and is the most precious and squishy baby around. We don't get to see these sweet friends enough but we sure love them. 

We celebrated friends birthdays and got fancy a night or two!

We hosted a HUGE Santa & Smores party that was a great success.

We ran the Dallas Half Marathon together again.
We ice skated at Christmas time!

We celebrated Christmas with Family & Friends.

We actually went out on NYE and celebrated the year and year to come with sweet friends!

We packed and moved... again. Almost two years to the day from our last move!

It was stressful & exciting...

And of course it snowed (what are the odds in Dallas) and our movers cancelled.

But we were still excited and happy! A little more room and a pool with a big yard!
We showered a girlfriend at her Baby shower and then old friends reunited for a night out!

We celebrated my SIL to be at her bridal shower!

We played with new friends and have loved every minute of being in our new hood!

Channing Layne turned 5! We had a joint fiesta with some of her girlfriends.

Benz and Bentley are doing well and trucking along.
We 'supported' a friend at his companies new home grand opening with wine and good food and great friends!

My little brother turned 30 and my big brother came in from Denver!

Our tiny dancer had her first REAL recital at SMU!
We celebrated 10 years of marriage... In Mexico

Channing and Chandler had an Adventure Princess campout and the moms had a night out at Remedy!

It has been raining A LOT. Our running trail from our neighborhood to White Rock Lake has been flooded since Mothers Day weekend.

We celebrated the marriage of my BIL to Jen!

It was a FAB wedding and we couldn't be happier to welcome her into the family!

This girl is happier than ever and ALMOST done with Pre-k.
Kinder is coming...

Summer is coming.

And she continues to melt our hearts...

November 7, 2014


I need to acknowledge this guys birthday that was yesterday!
Wow... we have been married for almost 10 years now and boy have we learned a lot about each other. We have seen each other grow and succeed and other times we have seen each other fail but one thing has always remained... our love for each other.
No it has not always been easy. Marriage is hard but I can say that through it all we have loved each other and supported each other through the good and the bad.
I am honored to have him as my partner in love and parenting. I love that he is an amazing and loyal friend. I love his laugh.
I love that we laugh together and share a love of running together. I love the kind of Dad he is to Channing and he has surpassed all my hopes in what I wanted as a dad for our sweet girl. I love that he is a hard worker and that he has a passion for the work he does. I love that we have so much fun traveling together.
I love that he loves me for me. I love that through some tough tough years of trying to have another baby and secondary infertility and all the sadness and ups and downs that brings he has always been a rock for me. I would sometimes forget how hard that can be on both people in a relationship. I love that sometimes he would just hug me while I would sob in my sadness and comfort me without having to say a word.
I absolutely love that he is at peace with me and us being a family of three and embracing that and making our little family the best it can be.

I am honored and so thankful to be his wife and I am forever thankful that he is such a great dad to Channing. God knew what he was doing when he 'randomly' put us in the same 'Music Appreciation' class at ACU and I am lucky that Chandler asked me if I had ever eaten at Chili's. (you'll have to ask me for that story if you want to know :) )
Love you Chandler!  Happy Birthday!!!
THIS is going to be a GREAT year!!


Oh my goodness...
I was just going through random pictures on the computer and found these two pretty close together. While she does have a lot of my personality people have always commented on how much she and Chandler look alike.
I just thought these were so funny! They are both from a long while ago but just really made me smile! I guess we at least kind of look alike when we make silly faces.

Oh how I love her...